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Forum Post issue

Apr 4, 2010 at 12:53 AM

I am trying to figure out how to post this in our forums but everytime I do it not matter if I choose HTML editor or Bbcode editor it just pastes this in it:

[color=#FF7D0A][b]Falar[/b][/color] : [i]6wk% = [color=Black]100%[/color][/i], [i]12wk% = [color=Black]100%[/color][/i], [i]Att% = [color=Black]100%[/color][/i], [i]6wk% (inc. Optional) = [color=Black]100%[/color][/i], [i]12wk% (inc. Optional) = [color=Black]100%[/color][/i], [i]Att% (inc. Optional) = [color=Black]100%[/color][/i]
[i] Items = 5[/i]

[color=#FF7D0A][b]Skylight[/b][/color] : [i]6wk% = [color=Black]92%[/color][/i], [i]12wk% = [color=Black]92%[/color][/i], [i]Att% = [color=Black]92%[/color][/i], [i]6wk% (inc. Optional) = [color=Black]92%[/color][/i], [i]12wk% (inc. Optional) = [color=Black]92%[/color][/i], [i]Att% (inc. Optional) = [color=Black]92%[/color][/i]
[i] Items = 4[/i]

[color=#FF7D0A][b]Anduneh[/b][/color] : [i]6wk% = [color=Red]11%[/color][/i], [i]12wk% = [color=Red]11%[/color][/i], [i]Att% = [color=Red]11%[/color][/i], [i]6wk% (inc. Optional) = [color=Red]11%[/color][/i], [i]12wk% (inc. Optional) = [color=Red]11%[/color][/i], [i]Att% (inc. Optional) = [color=Red]11%[/color][/i]
[i] Items = 0[/i]


I am assuming I am doing somethign wrong.  But our site is hosted by guild portal and we use their forums.  Any ideas?


Apr 4, 2010 at 12:10 PM
Edited Apr 4, 2010 at 12:11 PM

You are not doing anything wrong :-)

As far as I can tell Guild Portal's forums don't support all bbcode tags, specifically size and color don't seem to work.  So I added a new option for posting to such forums and made a new release (1.2.4) which you will find in the downloads section.

To install just expand the zip into the directory you installed headcounter.  (The existing xml directory with all your data won't be affected).  The new option is at the bottom of the Options page and if you check that and post to your forums it should now work.  You won't get colour (i.e. no class colours, no purple for epic links, etc) but it should be readbable and Guild Portals loot tool tips work fine.  Just remember to make sure that Guild Portal is in "bbcode" mode when you post though.





Apr 4, 2010 at 10:39 PM

Yup it formats correctly now, but you are right it is far less appealing then the previous one.  I had taken and installed a fresh new version of Phorum and it posts correctly in there, and looks great.


Thanks for helping out with this, I wish I knew 1/2 the stuff you did about coding and creating something like this.